When you decide to work from home, do you imagine that time will be endless and that you can get so much done without disturbing the office? Are you home now and suddenly feel like every day time is passing and how little you have accomplished?

Yet everyone in the world has the same 24 hours to go through their day. Why do some people seem to achieve more? There is no magic formula; Only by changing our basic behavior can we be more productive and reduce stress.

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Studying time management is essential for small businesses. Homeworkers suddenly had to deal with additional paperwork that their new situation required. Establishing a regular work schedule and trying to stick to this new routine will give you more time during the week.

1) Make a break plan, say, an hour a day to work on your business paperwork.

2) Set a deadline for morning and evening meetings for handling email. Reading and replying to messages can take up a large part of your day as you unsubscribe from lists that aren't relevant to your business.

3) If you don't need a phone as part of the sales department, buy an answering machine or voicemail. Dealing with conversations during the day will take a lot of time.

4) At the end of the day, write a plan for tomorrow. Make your list reachable; there is nothing more satisfying than completing an exam.

5) Take time to organize your home office, shop for some trays, file cabinets. Keeping your files organized will save you precious time in this helpless search for lost documents.

6) Have a pen and paper on hand and one of these microcassette players. You never know when an idea will come your way, don't rely on your memory. Write or write everything down.

7) One of the main reasons you want to work from home is to work whenever you want. You have to set some deadlines. If you start working every hour of the day and night, your work will be disrupted, as will your health and your business.