Whether to organize a party or not is up to the parents and also that which makes them feel comfortable. But in regards to expectations, it is ideal to be sensible. 
When the anticipation is for that kid throwing a party a magician also a cake along with decadent meals is good if you have a big guest list. You can also see Vaughan Birthday Party Places for your kid’s birthday. 
It is just natural to want to celebrate those energies but for children under five, keeping it low key together with family and close friends is advocated, until the children and parents are prepared for the obligation, price, and fatigue which accompanies throwing a party (in addition to the pleasure, enthusiasm, and pleasure)
For kids, their preferences should be admired. More children = more time, more cost, and preparation so you need to plan according to your invite list size. Hence, keeping the number of guests should be limited if your budget is low.
But if you have a higher budget in your hand you can go for as many as people you want to invite and the fun would be double. Make the sitting and food arrangements according to the guest's size and try to make the party more happening by adding various activities and games.