In most industries, there are some common approaches to managing the manufacturing process. The general approach is called type process. In the LED lighting industry, this type of process is set to manage the operation of the manufacturing activities of the volume-variation.

For manufacturers of LED lights, some kind of process is classified to demonstrate methods of managing manufacturing operations with the volume and variety of different features. Based on the increase in the volume and variety of decline, this is the type of project process, bulk process, batch process, the mass and continuous processes. You can navigate for acquiring more knowledge about LED lights.

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These types of processes are widely applied in LED tube industry. For example, manufacturing activity LED light bulb products that are most likely managed by the masses.

1. Process Project.

The process of the project is to address the activities of managing highly customized projects, as some tailor-made products. For customized projects like, it takes a very long time to complete the production of spare parts and service parts individually, let alone the whole project. Therefore, in the process of project LED light manufacturer, features a low volume and high variety.

2. The process realtor.

Realtor process is also designed to address a wide range of high and low volume. In the process of the project of LED lighting manufacturers, each product has its own allocated resources, in some cases it may be more or less exclusively for it.  

3. Batch process.

In general practice, the batch process and the process can be the same realtor, but a batch process that had less variety than the broker process. As batch term suggests, the output of each process will create more than one part of the product.