The lining of the stomach is made up of many cells that create the tissue. The body needs these cells in order to help digest food. When the cells continue to multiply, uncontrollably growths or tumors can begin to form.

The tumor can be benign, which means non-cancerous or malignant, which means cancerous. The overgrowth of cells typically begins on the inner layers of the stomach.

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As it grows out into the outer layers and other organs in the body, symptoms might become more noticeable, which is when the cancer is in a more advanced stage.


There are several potential causes of stomach cancer. These include:

H. Pylori infection – This bacterium affects the inner lining of the stomach and could increase the risk of getting stomach cancer.

Family history – Family history of stomach cancer could increase a person's chance of being at risk.

Anyone that experiences chronic stomach or gastrointestinal symptoms should seek medical attention to rule out the threat of this cancer. It is important to see a doctor that can recognize the signs and symptoms early in the disease in order to ensure an outcome for the disease.