The therapeutic benefits of the skin and the beauty of Dead Sea salt date back to ancient times. When Cleopatra was considered the most beautiful woman in the world, she tried to claim the area.

She built a makeup and pharmaceutical factory right on the shores of the Dead Sea, where they filter the salt and harvest it for future use. Today we use these bath salts to relax, rejuvenate, and let our pores breathe. You can also get more information about dead sea salts via

dead sea salts

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It can be used to treat a variety of problems such as leg cramps, menstrual cramps, muscle aches, skin problems and rashes, and even psoriasis. The best way to enjoy bath salts is to take a hot or warm bath and pour two pounds in the water. Let the salt crystals dissolve in the water while you relax and unwind.

This bath salt has been treating people and ailments for centuries and is increasingly being used in spas and dermatological clinics. Now people buy salt and keep it in their own homes when they have aches or pains.

Doctors recommend sea salt to help treat many ailments, and it is considered one of the least toxic pain treatments in the pharmaceutical market. Inexpensive to buy and very easy to use.

Most pharmacies have Epsom bath salts or salts. The water is very unique in that it contains 27% of various salts, while sea and seawater contain about 3%.