There are several good ways out there to get these pests from your home. Some are more expensive than others and depending on your lifestyle, some methods may use chemicals you do not like. There are also some great alternatives that have been proven to work well.

Exterminator – This is most expensive method, the exterminator will spray in various areas of your home several times over several months. This works well for severe infestations and may be more suitable for a rooming house or motel owner. You can check out effective bed bug treatment via various online resources.

Bed Bug Steamer

Products Trap – Small plastic traps can be placed at the bed legs, furniture legs and other areas where insects will rise. They fell into this and can not get out so you can use this to identify them, kill them.

Basic Home Care – Nobody wants to run dirty home but if you live in cramped quarters with many family members, clutter can accumulate pretty fast. Easy home treatment often begins with a thorough house cleaning.

The action you have to take really depends on how bad your situation. If you've just seen one on used bed, it may be easiest to just throw that bed immediately and do the whole carpets steam cleaner. It could stop things before they start.