There are many reasons to install a swimming pool at our place. Some people want to relax and enjoy the water during the summer and maybe others just want to get rid of stress or have fun.

And when we are ready to have the pool then we must think about how to clean your pool. We should be concerned about this issue because the pool likely is a waste of bacteria and viruses.

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The swimming pool looks clear and beautiful does not always guarantee that the pool water must be free of bacteria and viruses. The reality is that there are some dangerous growth that may be hidden or invisible in the event the water is clear.

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Therefore, you should check your pool water regularly to keep the pool clean, clear, and sanitation. For that, it helps if we have the proper equipment to facilitate the cleaning of the pool. Because micro-organisms and bacteria are difficult to restrict and cleaning.

Swimming pool vacuums can be used to clean the area around the pool. This tool can be used with a normal garden hose for the easy cleaning process. This tool is very simple, it is used as needed or continuously.

Backwash should be used to clean the filter sand. Usually, we use it about once a month – more if the occasion calls for it. Another way is to use chlorine to sanitize pool water. Generally, the owners use the three-inch chlorine tablets swimming pool skimmer cans were placed in the pool or dispensed via a floating tablet dispenser.