Wardrobe Stylists, as well as fashion stylists, are consultants who select clothing for published editorial functions, print or television advertising campaigns, concert performances, music videos, and public appearances by models, celebrities, or other public figures.

Manhattan wardrobe designer are often part of larger creative teams put together by clients who work with fashion designers, photographers / directors, hairstylists, and makeup artists to create a specific look or theme for a specific project.

A wardrobe stylist can be called a fashion stylist, fashion designer, or celebrity stylist. In one opinion, "stylists are the ones who encourage every celebrity to make their best dressed list" and help out with editorial shoots.

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Job descriptions vary widely depending on the job. Editorial and celebrity stylists primarily work with design samples that are displayed during fashion presentations and presented to members of the fashion press every 4-6 months before retail starts.

Senior stylists can work directly with designers to create custom outfits for celebrity clients or newsrooms. This is common with celebrity stylists whose clients attend award ceremonies and fashion editors at top magazines.

Stylists can also provide services such as direct shopping, restructuring of the customer's entire wardrobe, restructuring of the customer's wardrobe, or other commitments related to the customer's personal lifestyle.