Whether you are a new graduate student or a part-time worker, you might be thinking to get a suitable and stable job. You might have done several things like emailing your resumes, cover letters, carry out phone calls, etc. But did not get desired results. 

It's time to consult a reliable job search consultant or you can also attend Job Search Master Class in order to get the best advice.

Here are a few reasons you should adjust your job search techniques:

1. You are not getting a callback:

The most apparent cause of your job hunt might not be effective. It might be simply because you are not obtaining any constructive feedback from employers.

Job Search Master Class

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If you're not receiving a callback, consider switching up the way you're making contact with business employers. You should try dealing with them directly or by making use of a third-party system. 

It might be a case you're sending your CV to the inappropriate department or individual or you're sending the incomplete or wrong materials. 

2. You are not searching the right way:

It is really important to perform a comprehensive job search whenever you're searching for a new career. However, looking properly goes hand in hand with performing the search itself. 

It is really important to consider carrying out a broad job search, instead of just a scaled-down one.  A broader job search could be the real key to finding the right match. 

For instance, you were only browsing job titles, like "marketing manager" or "marketing executive." By researching headings, rather than occupational categories, you may miss fantastic opportunities simply because your search is too limited.