Saving energy with your laundry can be done in many ways that are relatively simple, whether you are buying a new washing machine or not. One way to do this is to keep your washing machine temperature to a minimum. 

Instead of using hot water for a wash cycle, you can use hot or cold water with the exception of washing clothes, and only cold water at the time of rinsing. To get more information regarding garment washing, you can visit

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Try all the laundry detergents, you can find out what happens with cool water. Make a note that the temperature of the rinse water does not affect the cleanliness, which is why we need to rinse our washer with cold water. The other way is to keep your water heater thermostat low.

A temperature of around 120F is sufficient for many household needs. When you bring your hot water temperature down, you will definitely cut your energy costs whether you are doing warm or hot wash cycles. Use the capacity of your washing machine when stuffing your clothes.

For many people, this is likely to reduce their washers rather than surcharges. Determine your washer load capacity in pounds, then estimate some load of laundry to see how a pound of laundry will look. You can then use your own judgment by what you see for the amount of clothing in a load. You will save more energy when you wash a huge load of laundry compared to washing two loads in a low or medium setting.