Acute diseases are though easy to cure but wouldnt it be better to prevent. Cold and cough might trouble you for 3-4 days but the irritation that it causes during the time is unbearable. Anyone would want to get rid of it at once. If you catch acute diseases instantly that means your immunity is weak. You need to improve your immunity to stay away from any kind of illness, diseases, and infections. For your convenience you can visit a family practice physician at

There are numerous ways to prevent acute diseases. It is normal to get a cough, cold, etc, but sometimes these diseases can lead to a chronic turn as well, you never know. It is always good and important to take proper precautions. Visiting a family physician is always a good idea. He can treat you better and provide all the shields of protection possible. But in the end you need to take care of a lot of other things. Getting a vaccination on time is the best way to prevent and cure illness. Besides that, taking good care of the body and improving your immunity is the second important step.

Taking proper diet, rest, and improving your lifestyle can help you achieve that. People from older times used to fall less sick as their diet was healthy and nutritious. Moreover they took proper rest and involved themselves in good habits and physical activities.