It is estimated that 15 to 20% of women will have some degree of endometriosis at some point in their life, but many women are not sure what endometriosis is and how it can cause infertility. In endometriosis, endometrial tissue implants outside the uterine wall.

The causes are not fully understood, but this tissue can be implanted throughout the reproductive system as well as throughout the body. You can get free endometriosis awareness month materials available online.

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Endometriosis is the leading cause of infertility and women suffering from endometriosis also experience varying degrees of pain and other intolerable symptoms.

Women often experience gas and severe pain while urinating and defecating. Typical treatments for endometriosis include invasive surgery and hormonal changes.

Hormones that are frequently prescribed by the medical community usually have their own side effects and are often very harsh on a woman's body. Worst of all, even if a woman goes through all of this, she will still be told that there is no cure for endometriosis and that she will most likely have to grapple with the consequences of endometriosis for the rest of her life.

Endometriosis infertility is one of the most difficult symptoms for many women who treat endometriosis, and for women who are trying to get pregnant, endometriosis is often one of the most painful obstacles to overcome.

Endometriosis is known to damage the fallopian tubes and ovaries and, even in mild cases, often makes conception more difficult than it should be.