Never has the world of panties become so intricate. With so many styles to pick from, here is my overview of the different kinds when choosing which type of lingerie underwear

The cap of the panty is at or close to the waist and front and rear panels in addition to the sides have complete protection. Briefs do not need to be cotton grannie underwear; they arrive in many fancy layouts, such as sheer chiffon with lace and lace. If you want to buy the best panties then visit

A Guide To Knickers and Panties

String bikini:

An extremely thin strip of cloth, elastic ring, or a bite combine the front and back panels of the conventional bikini cut – one on every side.


These knickers are extremely much like the boy brief, but using a slightly higher waist along with a leg. This design usually has thin straps around the hips instead of full panels.


These knickers are occasionally known as a Hi-kini because they match rather enjoy the bikini style panty however using a greater leg opening.


This very small panty has virtually no back coverage; only a strip that covers the anal cleft. Thongs are eloquent, with string sides, which made them all of the anger for averting panty lines. Fancy fashions with fairly back decorations, to be viewed across the border of trousers & sleeves, shortly became trendy.


Very similar to, but with significantly less back coverage compared to, a thong.

Tap pants:

Tap pants are usually sold in places with camisoles.